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Special Projects Lead and Customer Experience Advisor



John Abbate’s impressive career in the retail industry is marked by his extensive work with globally renowned brands and significant contributions to retail education and community revitalization. His journey includes pivotal roles at major labels like Ralph Lauren, Levis, and Alfred Dunhill, where he honed his skills in retail store design and visual merchandising across Europe and America.

John’s involvement with the British Display Society as a director and online VM course leader demonstrates his dedication to maintaining high standards in Visual Merchandising and Design. The Society, established in 1947, plays a critical role in ensuring that visual merchandising remains a dynamic and recognized profession, adapting to the evolving retail environment. His advisory role on Save The High Street further underscores his commitment to the industry. This organization, launched in 2016, focuses on transforming and strengthening UK high streets, undertaking various initiatives like grass-roots research, business support, and the development of dynamic, data-driven high street plans. It aims to foster thriving, adaptable, and innovative high street ecosystems, supporting local businesses and communities.

John Abbate’s expertise and leadership in the field of retail design and visual merchandising, combined with his contributions to retail education and high street revitalization, make him a highly respected and influential figure in the retail industry. His work continues to shape the landscape of modern retail, blending aesthetic appeal with strategic brand positioning, and enhancing customer experiences across both physical and digital retail spaces.



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